Isiolo Youth Centre is funded by UNDP through the UNDAF framework. Under UNDAF, three SRAs are
strategically aligned to Government’s MTP III and Vision 2030. This project’s link to UNDAF programmes
ensures that it contributes to Kenya’s national development agenda.
Isiolo Youth Centre intervention is one of the outcomes of UNDP’s deliberate focus on youth
empowerment and development in Kenya as a priority.
The intervention is premised on need areas driven by data. According to the Frontier Counties
Development Council (FCDC), the youth (18 to 35yo) in the 8 – FCDC counties – Isiolo, Marsabit, Wajir,
Mandera, Turkana, Garissa, Lamu and Tana River – constitute 29% of the population, with
unemployment rate of about 53.6 percent.
These young people from what was initially referred to as the Northern Frontier Districts (NFD) on the
other hand present a demographic dividend opportunity but if left untapped, the youth can become
disillusioned and engage in crime and social ills.
Currently, most of the Northern Frontier Counties are grappling with drug abuse, radicalization, crime
and cattle rustling among other challenges.

Why Us

UNDP/KSG /Isiolo County Government tripartite partnership has gone along way in ensuring that no youth is left behind in Isiolo County, contributing to SDGs – creating descent jobs, alleviating poverty and hunger.

Our Mission

Harnessing the youth potential in this region and supporting their wellbeing and contribution to local and national development.

Our Visions

Engaging the youth in profitable ventures that have the potential of growing the economy of these northern counties which have for a long time been marginalized.